Mobi Pro 32GB Wi-Fi Memory Card by Eyefi

The Eyefi Mobi Pro is a memory card for your camera with built in WiFi.  This memory card connects your camera to your smartphone, tablet and PC in lightening speeds!  Place it in your camera, install the desktop or mobile app and instantly transfer RAW and JPEG images.

Photos instantly available on your devices!

 EO Travel Backpack by Incase

This new backpack allows you to travel smart.  It has a technology compartment for storing your MacBook, iPad and all of your cables neatly and easily!  The outside is also weather proof so no matter what’s going on outside, your bag is safe.

Travel smart.

Smart Herb Scissors by RSVP

These amazing new herb scissors will save us all a whole bunch of time. No more chopping herbs on that wooden cutting board and then having to rinse and scrub it until all those green leftovers wash away! Now we can snip those herbs right into the pot or dinner plate where they’ll always be the perfect size and length. And the handle is also made of soft silicon which makes them super comfortable to use.

Genius way to chop herbs is finally here.

Flexible LED Desk Light by Moll

This isn’t just any LED desk light.  It can be adjusted easily due to its swan necks and ball joint on the clamp mount.  This light is also dimmable and can change colors with a touch of a button, allowing 10 different shades.  For added convenience there is also a USB charger attached to the base!

Flexible and smart LED desk light.

Powerplay MacBook Adapter Cord Organizer by Above The Fray

This is just one of those things we wish we thought of.  It’s a beautifully crafted leather cord reel that wraps around your adapter and keeps those thin wires rolled and secure once and for all.  You never have to detach your PowerPlay, even when it’s connected to the extension cable or plugged into the socket.  It also comes in 7 unique colors, so there’s one for everyone!

Your adapter’s stylish new bestie!

The Southern Sky Silk Screen Print

This is a truly beautiful and might we add, romantic, piece.  Your very own print of a map of all the stars in the Southern Sky.  Get it for your home or office or even better, for someone you care about.

Darkly romantic.

White Signature Ballpoint Pens by Poppin

Arrange a few of these elegant white pens in your utensil cup or drawer and enjoy the serene simplicity of perfectly white pens.  These pens are available in all of Poppin’s signature colors and make it easy to match your mood or your outfit!

Coordinate your desk or your outfit with these unique pens.

Mountain Vacuum Food System by Stanley

If you’re going camping this is an absolute must have!  This little beauty will keep hot food hot for 13 hours (what??) and cold food cold for 11 hours!  This gear will never rust, is naturally BPA free and is leak proof.  You can now enjoy the outdoors and eat as if you’re home.

Bring the comforts of home to camp!

ChugPlug by Lenmar

The ChugPlug is an external power pack that integrates seamlessly with Apple’s MagSafe power adapter.  You can bring the ChugPlug with you to the airport, office, or use it at home.  The opportunities are endless once you stop relying on the nearest AC Power outlet to keep your MacBook powered.

ChugPlug adds hours off additional battery life to your MacBook!

Comics Sketchbook Reference Guide by IDRAW

If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a comic strip or book then this one’s for you.  The IDRAW Comics Sketchbook makes this dream a reality.  This simple yet creative and stunning book guides you in creating your very own comic from start to finish.  It’s the ultimate tool for practicing comic book illustration, page design and storytelling.

If you want to improve your comic know how, this Comics Sketchbook will give you all the practice you need!

Modern and Sleek Electronic Toothbrush by Quip

This is the most beautiful and most chic toothbrush we’ve ever seen.  It was seriously created by a designer and then made extremely easy to use and maintain.  Once you get the Quip Electronic Toothbrush the company automatically sends you new brush heads and toothpaste every 3 months.  The brush also has a timer that helps you brush for the full 2 recommended minutes and makes sure your brushing technique is correct.

Oral care made easy and very beautiful.

Sleek LED Desk Lamp

A beautifully designed lamp that doesn’t take up room on your desk and only adds elegance and grace to any work area.  The upside down L design is thin and oh so sleek.  It comes with LED lights and lasts for as long as you want it to.  We love the sunrise orange shade, but go ahead and choose a different one if you like.

Totally sleek and totally worth it!

Original Patent for Monopoly Board Game by Edward Fielding

This is a piece of history perfect for framing in your home office or library and anywhere else that pays homage to amazing historical references.  Introducing a poster of the original Monopoly board game.  If you love Monopoly or history you’ll absolutely love this poster.

Timeless piece of history up for grabs.

InfiniteUSB by InfiniteUSB on Kickstarter

This is a great tool for anyone who wants to connect all of their phones and tablets simultaneously while still maintaining a clean cable and wire free work area.  InfiniteUSB is an open chain of USB ports, granting an unlimited supply of open slots!  Once one InfiniteUSB is plugged in, a new USB port is created.

InfiniteUSB keeps you connected with only one port from your laptop!

 Awesome Smart Power Strip by Revogi

A very handy and convenient power strip that saves you money, is easy to install and measures real time energy usage.  All you need to do is connect the Revogi power strip to your Wi-Fi network and you’re ready to control your electronics from anywhere.

Provides convenience, peace of mind and savings!

Amazing “Ring” Video Doorbell

Most burglaries begin with a ring of the doorbell to see if anyone is home. Prevent break-ins from taking place in the first place with Ring. See who’s at your front door from anywhere with this advanced door answering system. With innovative features such as wide angled HD video, smart motion detection, and cloud recording, Ring lets you answer your door from anywhere using your smartphone.

Candy Colors Manually Assisted Opener by MiniInTheBox

The candy colored manual opener is by far the most fun you’ll ever have with a kitchen utensil.  It’s assorted colors and cute shape will easily cheer you up as you go to open that can of green beans and may even help you convince the kids to try some!

Fun kitchen utensil.

The Essential Garlic Chop Garlic Chopper by Koopeh Designs

This absolute must have cuts fresh garlic quickly and easily without transferring that garlicky odor to your hands!  With one twist of the bulb shaped garlic chopper, you can chop up to 4 cloves of garlic at once and you can make it coarse pieces or even garlic paste!  The more you turn the bulb, the finer it chops the garlic.  The days of digging and scraping your garlic out of the garlic press are long gone with this awesome new gadget!

A must have easy to use garlic miracle worker.