Cook and Stack Kitchen Utensils – Lego Style

All in all, it’s just another brick on the wall

When we saw this product, we suddenly had the desire to go home and E6000 bricks to the back of all our favorite utensils. Which probably wouldn’t work so hot. You’d end up trying to scoop ice cream while wrestling with a handle with a brick glued inconveniently to it.

That’s what makes these Cook and Stack Kitchen Utensils so useful. The brick is integrated into the handle, so you don’t have to work around it while using the utensil for its intended purpose. And when you’re done with it, back to the baseplate on the wall it goes. And, let’s face it. You’re less likely to misplace things if it’s fun to put them back, which means you’ll always know where your ladle, spatula, and pasta drainer are. The rest of the utensils will have to fend for themselves.