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Water is a necessity for life and we like that sort of thing. This is another item you should add to your go-bag in case of the  apocalypse or end of the world because it has a built in filter. With a few different options I would make sure to either have extra filters or get the 40 Tap Refill 12 pack.


100% BPA, phthalate and toxin free, the ÖKO bottle is made of a customized blend of food grade plastics. The materials have passed stringent SGS testing for FDA food contact safety. It is also free of odor and taste. The cap is translucent so you can water as it filters. The bottle is soft and squeezable and perfectly balanced with water inside.


ÖKO ODYSSEY™ is a multi-functional six-in-one water bottle with two levels of filtration (L1 & L2), a drinking/ storage cup, and a flashlight which also doubles as a lantern. The lantern also includes a mode which turns the bottle into an emergency beacon or strobe.


ÖKOPURE™ Is the perfect affordable replacement for expensive, planet polluting, unsustainable bottled water. Each OKOPURE™ bottle contains a miniature pulverized carbon filter made of natural coconut shell.

For great tasting water, simply slip the filter into the caged container at the cap of the bottle… and you’re on your way. Fill & refill with tap water 40 times per filter. For best results, recycle the entire unit, bottle, cap and filter after 40 refills.